Breast Repositioning

Women with large, heavy breasts may experience several health concerns related to their breasts: back pain, neck pain, grooves in the shoulders from bra straps, pain in the breasts, and rash under the breasts. Young women with large breast often do not develop proper poise and posture because of a conscious or unconscious attempt to minimise their apparent fullness. Poor posture can in later life result in arthritis. Women with arthritis of the spine and shoulders may have more symptoms than usual because of the added weight of heavy breasts. Some women are bothered by the psychological embarrassment of large breasts. In other situations, athletic, active women and women who are trying to lose weight are inhibited by the size of their breasts. Often, it is difficult and expensive to find clothes that fit. Breast reduction technically known as Reduction Mammaplasty can minimise or eliminate these problems.

Some women feel that their breast are droopy and do not match their body physique. These changes may be the result of abnormal development, pregnancy or ageing. Breast repositioning technically known as Mastopexy aims to reshape the breast and give it a more youthful appearance.

Although the aims of the two procedures are different they will be discussed together because the preoperative instructions, surgical incisions and postoperative course are similar.

Aims of Surgery

Breast Reduction

This operation is done to reduce the size of the breast. There are many ways to perform a breast reduction. A common method is to mark the new nipple position, and with the blood supply of the nipple preserved on a segment of underlying breast tissue, the excess breast tissue is removed. The nipple is then moved into its new position and the new breast shape reconstructed. During the procedure, incisions are made so that scars form around the areola, vertically below the areola, and in the crease beneath the breast. Scars are an unavoidable drawback to the procedure, but typically quite acceptable

Breast Repositioning (Mastopexy)

Mastopexy like breast reduction aims to create a more youthful breast. This procedure involves elevating the nipple/areola complex from a lower, droopier position to the centre of the breast mound, excess skin is removed and the breast reshaped.

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