Breast reshaping

Women seeking breast enlargement fall into two categories. The first involves congenital underdevelopment, or an imbalance in the amount of naturally existing breast tissue relative to the other body measurements, such as hip circumference and height. In this instance, there may be problems with breast asymmetry or shape deformities. The second situation is caused by a natural loss of breast volume, which follows a large weight loss or following childbirth. The breast often takes a collapsed or deflated appearance and clothing no longer fit properly. The only way to increase the size of the breast permanently is by a breast augmentation. Breast augmentation can fill out the breast and correct milder degrees of droop; severe drooping will require nipple repositioning (Mastopexy ) with a breast augmentation.

Aims of surgery

The operation aims to give the woman fuller, symmetrical breasts, which are in proportion to her body. The breast tissue is not altered by the enlarging procedure but an implant is placed behind the patient’s own breast tissue, or behind the chest muscle on which the breast lies, simply pushing it forward and enlarging the appearance of the breast.

Meet Your Surgeon

Mr Juma is a Plastic Surgeon with 25 years of medical experience who has a long established reputation within his field. He is a Senior NHS Plastic Surgeon, a Medical Examiner and Honorary Lecturer who is renowned for being a perfectionist.

For your peace of mind, Mr Juma is GMC registered and a member of the Plastic Surgery UK membership bodies BAAPS and BAPRAS.

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