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Botoulinum A toxin

Wrinkles can result for the effects of facial expression such as laughing or frowning. The wrinkles that appear only during facial expression are known as dynamic wrinkle and can be treated with Botulinum A toxin injections.

Botox and Dysport are commercially available preparation of Botulinum A toxin produced by a bacterial called Clostridium Boutlinum. Botulinum A toxin acts by blocking acetylcholine a chemical responsible for transmitting impulses from the nerve to cause muscle contraction. This results in muscle paralysis. The paralysed muscles do not contract during facial expression and wrinkles are prevented. The action of the injection is temporary and last only 3 to 6 months. It is also used to prevent excessive sweating in the arm pit and hands.

Commonly asked Questions:

How is the procedure done?

Botulinum A toxin is injected directly into the muscles that cause the wrinkles using a very small needle. Usually more than one injection is required for each site. The action of the injection does not start to take effect for about 24 to 48 hours. Full effect takes place in one week.

What are the risks?

Serious side effects have not been reported when used for cosmetic purposes. Occasionally in about 1% of patient’s muscles adjacent to the site of injection is paralysed resulting in facial weakness or drooping of the eyelid.

What are the contraindications?

Botulinum A toxin is contraindicated in patients suffering from neuromuscular disorder such a Myasthenia Gravis, pregnancy, during breast feeding or if there is an infection at the site of injection.

Is there any risk in long term use?

Some patients produce antibodies against Botulinum toxin and it can become less effective with repeated use.

What areas can be treated?

It can be used to treat frown line, forehead wrinkly, crow’s feet or laugh lines, bunny line(around the nose) and around the mouth.

Will I look worse if I discontinue treatment?

No. Your lines will gradually return to the pre-treatment appearance.

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